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Princess Simulation Game

Palais de Reine

For Windows8.1/10

Glamorous High Life and Grim Court Politics


Palais de Reine, the queen's palace.
You are what every girl dreams of being: a princess.

You are surrounded by beautiful handmaidens,
consuls, knights, ministers and lords.
To win over the trust of those around you,
you try your hand at governing the land, seeking to legitimately succeed the throne.

You'll enjoy the glamorous life of a princess,
not only indulging in romance,
but getting into governance, as well.

As queen, glamorous high life and grim court politics are both yours to enjoy

in this innovative princess simulation game.

*This game was originally released on the PC in 2006 by Kogado Studios and later ported to the PS2 by GungHo Works. This version of the game has been updated to work with Windows 10. Some features, such as costume changing and room rearranging, have been cut.


A Battle to Win Respect as a Ruler

You are a princess who finds herself inheriting the throne after the disappearance of her father.
The kingdom's councilor, however, does not approve, demanding that you marry him so that he may be king.
To avoid becoming this man's bride and legitimize your claim to the throne, you take on the Trial of Kings.
Manage the territories and knights, govern the land, and win the support of the lords.
The days you must face the world as a lady have begun.

A Posh, Ideal Princess's Life

You'll be able to enjoy the life of a princess through exploring the castle and buying exotic goods from visiting merchants.
If you visit places like the kitchen and dorm, you might find some surprising encounters...or hidden treasures.
Enjoy speaking with all kinds of characters and building up a treasury of items!

A Colorful Cast, Both Friend and Foe

美The cast isn't just handsome men - there are wizened seniors and charming women to meet, and even a vampire and wolfman!
A colorful cast awaits, all with their own unique endings, so be sure to explore the stories of your favorites.