About Symphonic Rain

This is the third installment in Kuroneko-san Team's popular music action game series, which was lauded for its harmonious fusion of character- and music-based games.

The setting is the city of endless rain—Piova.

The story draws the player into a fragile and mysterious yet somehow strangely nostalgic world; to a city of never-ending rain and unbroken serenity.

The world of Symphonic Rain, as depicted by Ritsuko Okazaki

In order to fully tap into the enchanting allure of the world of Symphonic Rain, we enlisted the talents of singer-songwriter Ritsuko Okazaki, composer of music and theme songs for countless anime works.

Okazaki wrote the music and lyrics for all 10 songs used in the game, and handled vocals for the opening and ending themes.

Enjoy the world depicted by Ritsuko Okazaki’s brilliant score.


Symphonic Rain Music: Ritsuko Okazaki

Hello, my name is Ritsuko Okazaki.

My involvement with the music for Symphonic Rain began with an impassioned email I received from the director.

Eventually, I became completely immersed in the work. I felt like the songs were literally coming to life within me.

And now, I eagerly look forward to each and every one of you breathing new life into the lyrics and melodies of our hero and the girls.

I'd like to tell you all a few of the stories and episodes from my experiences composing and recording these songs. I'll try not to crush (?) any dreams.

Until then.

(We will continue to display this comment, received from Ms. Okazaki in 2004, in its entirety.)

Voice Actor/ Mai Nakahara

Congratulations to Symphonic Rain on being remade after 12 years! It's still one of the most popular works I have performed in, and to this day I have the opportunity to hear about it from fans.

Personally I really like Ritsuko Okazaki's songs, and I was really thrilled to be able to sing them. I have memories of practicing over and over, and vividly remember the recording even though it was 12 years ago.

Isn't it great that Symphonic Rain was able to come out again like this? I'm really happy! It's a production everyone can enjoy, not only fans from 12 years ago but also those who will be playing for the first time. Please try it and see!

Character Design/Artwork: SIRO

Congratulations on the HD remaster of Symphonic Rain!

I was delighted by this news as this game was the first job I ever took on, and I am quite attached to the finished product.

As it is a game from 12 years ago, the artwork is quite different to styles we see now, but I included the essence of old art styles in the redesign.

The game includes just over 100 different pictures, and I am modifying them at this very moment. I hope you look forward to the final versions!

Scenario/ Maoto NISHIKAWA





From the Kureneko-san Team Director

Soundscape Symphonic Rain
Portraying the world created by the melodies of Ritsuko Okazaki in a musical adventure.

The story of Symphonic Rain unfolds in a music school in an unusual setting―the "city of endless rain".

With this production, the first thing we took on was the never-ending rain...

Using the sound of the rain and the background music, we wanted to create a fleeting, poignant "sound space".

One of the first things to come to mind was the fleeting yet beautiful melodies of Ritsuko Okazaki.

A few things fell into place, and we were actually blessed with the good fortune to be able to work with Ms. Okazaki.

This is how singer-songwriter Ritsuko Okazaki came to produce the music and songs in the game, based on the theme of “rain” and the in-game world.

Ms. Okazaki also sings the opening and ending themes as well.

We had the pleasure of working with popular scenario writer Q'tron, who has years of experience in games, as well as talented character designer SIRO.

But beyond their reputation and experience, they had something in common with our vision for this work, and I believe they were the most suitable partners we could have chosen in bringing this world to life in the form of a game.

A fleeting, poignant, and beautiful sound space.

Characters who aren’t too pushy.

A cast of voices that aren’t too gaudy.

A world that isn’t too far from reality.

We're creating “drama” more than “animation”.

That's our approach with this production.

With that, while the mood differs somewhat from our other works, I hope you'll enjoy it all the same.

January 2004, Kuroneko-san Team Director