In Piova, the city known for music and endless rain, young men and women gather to pursue their dreams of becoming musicians.

Chris Vertin is one of those young men. He leaves his rural hometown and his girlfriend, Arietta, behind to enroll in the Piova Communal School of Music―the town landmark. Arietta's younger twin sister Tortinita is also a student here.

Winter has come, and it has been over two years since Chris moved to this town with the goal of becoming a “Fortenist”―a master of the magical instrument known as the Fortelle.

Graduation is only a few months away. As a Fortelle student, Chris must perform an original song together with a vocalist partner at the school recital in mid-January in order to graduate. But Chris, unmotivated and listlessly wasting the days away, has yet to even try to find a partner.

His entire world consists of the letters he receives every week from his girlfriend, and Phorni, the tiny, 14-centimeter-tall musical fairy living in his room, whom he met when first moving to town.

Rainthe eternal, never-ending rain.

Let us play the Fortelle, that magical instrument, in time with the metronome of the rain's patter. When the sound of Chris' playing mixed with the voice of the musical fairy Phorni rings out, who knows what will happen?

Now, let us perform the fairy's song...